• Tim Kaine (center), U.S. Virginia Senator



White House Pushes ‘Alternative Facts.’ Here Are the Real Ones

WASHINGTON — Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday that the White House had put forth “alternative facts” to ones reported by the news media about the size of Mr. Trump’s inauguration crowd.

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Welcome to 2017, Virginia. It's Time to Fight for Progress.

We all need to find the peace necessary to move past the 2016 General Election Cycle and its results. Now that we’re in 2017, Virginia has the opportunity to show the nation that we will not stand idly by and let the forces of hatred, bigotry, fear and regression take hold.

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Stokes, Martin, Adkins and Miles: How provisional votes are handled

On Dec. 2, a commentary on the opinion page, “Not all votes were counted,” had a number of misleading statements. The Electoral Board and the Registrar for Roanoke County would like to use this as a opportunity to educate the public about how provisional votes are handled and counted.

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