DPVA Call to Virtual Caucus

Dear Roanoke County Democrat:


I hope that you and your family are successfully weathering the coronavirus storm and that you’re staying healthy while protecting others by washing hands and practicing social distancing. COVID-19 is not only impacting our daily lives, it’s also changing the ways that we participate in democracy. The Roanoke County Democratic Committee had scheduled an assembled caucus to select delegates for our state and national conventions but in light of Governor Northam’s orders regarding social gatherings, the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) is cancelling all in-person caucuses. The DPVA Staff will be working with our committee to administer an online unassembled caucus and has released the attached Call to Caucus that will apply to every locality in Virginia. Please read the attached Call to Virtual Caucus carefully, and visit the DPVA website for further information on the new process. 


Within the DPVA’s Call to Caucus, there is a pre-filing form that all individuals interested in being a State Delegate, Alternate, or participant will need to fill out in order to be on the ballot or to simply vote. There is also a pre-filing form for those interested in participating in the presidential caucus. By submitting these forms, you are committing to participate in either the 6th Congressional District or the 9th Congressional District Convention scheduled for May 2nd, 9th, or 14th (date and time TBA) and if you are selected as a delegate, to participate in the  DPVA’s State Convention scheduled for June 20, 2020. The pre-filing forms must be returned to DPVA staff by 5:00 PM on April 9th to be accepted. If your form isn’t received by DPVA staff by this date and time, you will not be on the ballot and will not be able to vote. Pre-filing is necessary in order to conduct the election virtually and is an important step to ensure that anybody who is a registered voter in the commonwealth of Virginia and who wants to participate in the delegate selection process, is able to do so. Again, those who want to be a delegate or alternate or want to vote for Democratic delegates must pre-file by 5:00 PM on Thursday, April 9th, using one of the linked forms. As with most caucuses, if there aren’t more candidates than positions to fill, the caucus will be cancelled. 


DPVA Staff will be available through the Voter Protection Hotline to assist anyone who has difficulty with the online forms. The number for the Hotline is 844-4VA-VOTE, or 804-482-8683. The DPVA and the Roanoke County Democratic Committee recognize that these are challenging times for everyone, and we thank you for your patience and support as we navigate these new waters.




Susan Cloeter

Chair, Roanoke County Democratic Committee