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Democratic National Committee
Federal Bills and Resolutions

Background Information

Branches of Government – U.S. Government
U.S. History and Historical Documents – U.S. Government
History of the United States – Wikipedia
A Guide to U.S. Government Branches – Maryville University in St. Louis, Missouri (Thanks for the link Danielle!)

State of Virginia

Declaration of Candidacy Form 19th district

Call to caucus 19th district

Democratic Party of Virginia
Democratic Party of Virginia Party Plan
General Assembly Issues/Bills

Background Information

Virginia Government Overview – Virginia Government
Government of Virginia – Wikipedia

Local (Roanoke Area)

Roanoke Valley Democratic Women

Background Information

Roanoke County Government – Roanoke County, VA Government

Roanoke County Democratic Committee Documents

Declaration of Candidacy for the Democratic Nomination VA House of Delegates 8th District

HB 8  Call to caucus

Indivisible – A practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda
Roanoke County Democratic Committee Job Descriptions
Roanoke County Democratic Committee Bylaws – 2018 March
A Progressive Voice for Positive Change